Faith Sharing

Holy Week 2020

Pray and Reflect with these resources during the Holy Week

SVDP Feast Day Novena 2019

SVDP’s Feast Day Novena – 18th to 29th of September. We dive into the wealth of wisdom found in the Beatitudes, as a road map for us on our journey towards Holiness.

Keeping the Faith in difficult times

Read Testimonies from our parishioners on how they stay ‘spiritually’ aloat during the challenging Co-vid19 season

Parishioners with a heart for the poor

Do you have a desire to minister to the poor? Step into the shoes of our parishioners as we cover their stories and how they live out their call to serve those in need.

Week of Guided Prayer at SVDP, conducted by Sojourners’ Companions

“I had squandered a big chunk of my life living in sin and offending him. Now, like the prodigal son, how do I make amends?”
Damien shares with us how his experience with the Week of Guided Prayer helped him find the answers to one of the biggest questions in his life; “What is God’s will for me, personally?”