Youth Ministry

To nurture a vibrant, progressive and spirit-filled parish family, committed to the call of the Gospel.

He will cover you with his pinions and under his wings, you will find refuge. His faithfulness is a shield and buckler.”
– Psalm 91:4

The Church of St Vincent de Paul Youth Ministry addresses the needs of the post-confirmation youths, aged 16 to 25. The youth of today’s social-media generation are constantly bombarded with lies of the world, attacking their identity (“your worth is determined by your popularity”),  their sense of morality and truth (“don’t force your moral values others”), and selling them quick-fixes and temporal pleasures such sex, drugs, and alcohol.

The SVDP Youth Ministry proudly opposes these lies, and proclaims the Word of God, and aspires to be a beacon of Christ’s love to the youth in the Parish, and the larger Serangoon district. Through weekly sessions, and by a strong commitment to being a community, the Youth Ministry is a refuge and a crucible, pouring our God’s healing and love, and forming the next generation disciples.

The Youth Ministry meets every Saturday from 10am-12pm @ the Youth Room at Level 2 of SVDP. 

If you are a youth, and feel called to journey with and be supported by a youth community, you are most welcome to join us for sessions. Please contact our youth coordinator, Dominique Dillon at 84680415 for more information!