Blessing and hoisting of the New St. Vincent De Paul Statue

To nurture a vibrant, progressive and spirit-filled parish family, committed to the call of the Gospel.

Blessing and hoisting of the New St. Vincent De Paul Statue

Lord, we bless you for you alone are holy,
and because in your compassion for sinners you sent into the world your Son, Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of holiness.

He sent the Spirit to sustain his newborn Church,
a voice that teaches us the secrets of holiness,
a breeze that strengthens and refreshes,
a fire that sears our hearts in love,
the seed of God that yields a harvest of grace.

Today we praise you for the gifts of the Spirit bestowed on
Saint Vincent de Paul, in whose honour we dedicate this statue.
May we follow in the footsteps of the Lord, keeping before us the example of St. Vincent de Paul, and grow in maturity,
measured not by nature,
but by the fullness of Christ.

May we proclaim the Gospel by word and deed and, shouldering our crosses daily, expend ourselves for others in your service.
As we carry out our earthly duties, may we be filled with the Spirit of Christ
and keep our eyes fixed on the glories of heaven, where you, Father, receive those who will reign with your Son
forever and ever,

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