Private Prayer Regulations

To nurture a vibrant, progressive and spirit-filled parish family, committed to the call of the Gospel.

All visitors to the Church for Private Prayer must abide by the following:

Before Your Visit

1. All visitors must make an appointment at least ONE FULL DAY before your visit. Walk-ins will be refused entry. Appointments can be made here.

2. All visits will be LIMITED TO 20 Mins.

3. A family of up to 5 members (living in the same household) may visit together.

4. Each person/family is limited to ONE VISIT per week. Please be considerate to others.

5. Visitors MAY ONLY VISIT the main Church. All other areas including the Car Park, Foyer and Parish Office WILL BE CLOSED.

During Your Visit

6. Entry to the Church will only be along Jalan Resak. (You may park along Jalan Resak or at the Church driveway.) Entry and exit points will be clearly demarcated. Please follow the signs and posters on site.

7. All visitors WILL BE REQUIRED to check-in with the SafeEntry portal. You may scan the QR Code with your mobile phone at the entrance.

8. All visitors MUST have their temperatures taken. Visitors with a high temperature (38.0 degrees and above) will be refused entry. If affected you may rest for a few minutes under the shade and have your temperature taken a second time. If your temperature is STILL ABOVE 38.0 degrees, you MUST leave the premises immediately.

9. All visitors who are unwell will be refused entry.

10. All visitors are advised to use the hand sanitisers at the entrance BEFORE entering the Church.

11. All visitors MUST wear your own masks at all times. If you do not have a mask you will be refused entry.

12. All visitors are to maintain a safe distance of at least 1m from each other at all times and avoid physical greetings and contact with each other.

13. All visitors will be allocated a Pew within the Church. You may only sit at your allocated Pew. Please refrain from walking around the Church.

After Your Visit

14. After your Private Prayer (20 minutes limit), please follow the signs to exit the Church.

15. Please use the hand sanitisers available at the exits.

16. Please check-out from the SafeEntry portal.

17. All visitors are to leave the premises as soon as you are done. Please DO NOT hang around or mingle with other visitors.