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Videos of the 2018 Feast Day Novena Sermons

Click here to watch the sermons delivered by Fr. Joseph Royan from 12 - 20 September 2018.

We also invite you to spend time with the reflection questions for each day of the novena.
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Neighbourhood Christian Communities
Catholic families living in particular residential areas of the Parish come together to form NCCs. As a social network of faith, they are a community of disciples that tries to bring about the Kingdom of God in their neighbourhoods.

In Catholic teaching, community is indispensable for Christian discipleship. Members of an NCC share a close relationship and understand their primary vocation as lay Christians to respond to God in their daily lives, becoming leaven that transforms the world. Members of a NCC live out their Eucharistic faith, sharing life and contemplating the Word of God together.

The NCCs of SVDP support and actively participate in activities organised by the Church of SVDP such as Father’s Day soccer, Family Bowling, Feast Day Novena, Praying the Rosary at Parish level during the months of May and October, etc. Different NCCs get together and take turns to run Canteen on Sundays.

At the neighbourhood level, NCCs participate in both spiritual as well as social activities. Some spiritual activities are community prayers, Bible sharing, retreats, home Mass, visit to the sick, service to the poor, and prayers and support for bereaved families. Social activities common among SVDP NCCs include educational and day tours, and neighbourhood parties.

We recognise and admit different kinds of people bearing different gifts from God in our NCCs. All are welcome to join an existing NCC in your neighbourhood or to start a new NCC if your neighbourhood does not have a NCC.

Mission and Objectives

To serve the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul as neighbourhood leaders in building up a Christian community of faith and love.

To act as channels of communication between their respective groups and the Church.

To inculcate a vibrant spirit of participation in their groups in supporting the various activities of the Church.

To plan and foster the spiritual growth of their groups through various programmes.

To promote the spirit of unity and mutual understanding among the neighbourhood groups and other church groups when the parish community comes together for major functions, e.g. Triduum feast day celebrations, food and fun fair, etc.

Committee / Core Team Members


Name: George Ignatius Paul
Phone: 90672430 (mobile)

Vice Chairperson

Name: Anthony Low
Phone: 97388380 (mobile)

Name: Helen Soh
Phone: 96367388 (mobile)


Name: Nelly Seah
Phone: 96303133 (mobile)

Neighbourhood Leaders

  • Fernvale: Jude Anand

  • Holy Family: Walter Jayandran

  • Jalan Kayu: Anthony   Helen Low

  • Jalan Jarak: Paul Tan

  • Lentor:

  • Serangoon North: Augustine Ng / Michael Nerva

  • St Vincent’s Circle: Mary Ong

  • Sunrise / Cactus: Margaret Goh / Catherine Chua

Programmes and Activities

  • At church level:

    • Meetings Every 1st Tuesday of the month

    • Holy Hour on every 3rd Tuesday of the month

    • Rosary Recitation for the months of May and October ½ hour before the mass

    • Cleaning of oranges before Chinese New Year

    • Cleaning of palms

    • Preparation of family prayer packs for end of year

    • Canteen operation

    • Disseminating Church’s information and encouraging members to join in activities organised by the Church

    • Organising of Annual Fathers’ Day 7-A-Side soccer tournament (Since 1999)

    • Organising of Annual FUN (Fostering Unity in the Neighbourhoods) Bowling Tournament (Since 2010)

    • Participation of NCC Day by Neighbourhood Groups at Archdiocesian Level (month of October)

    • Set up stall at Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day Event

    • Combined Neighbourhood Christmas Party celebration

  • At neighbourhood level:

    • Neighbourhood Mass

    • Home visits by Parish Priest

    • Monthly neighbourhood meeting (Bible and faith sharing)

    • Fellowship

    • Social gathering like potluck, outings etc.

    • Home Rosary during the month of May and October

    • Divine Mercy Prayer devotion

    • The Great Bible Adventure (By Jeff Cavins) watched by Neighbourhood Groups

Neighbourhood Christian Communities

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There is a NO PARKING Zone along Jalan Jarak from house no.1-19.

HDB car parks at Block 988 Buangkok Green (opposite Mobil petrol station).

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Parish Family Fun Walk 2018
6 Nov 2018

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Feast Day Novena 2018 - The Joy of Love in the Family
12 - 23 Sep 2018

Click here to watch the sermons.
And spend time with the reflection questions.

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