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Fr. Adrian Anthony Fr. Rene Nicolas Fr. J. J. Fenelon Fr. Paul Yeo Extensions to the church building

On 15 January 1990, Fr. Adrian Anthony was assigned charge of the parish. In the course of the year, Fr. John Lau left for another parish. Fr. Rene Nicolas took his place. He maintained a low profile but his presence was evident at all parish functions.

Shortly after the departure of Fr. Nicolas, Fr. J.J. Fenelon arrived, as assistant to Fr. Anthony. In February 2002, he was transferred to the Parish of the Holy Trinity. For him, the spiritual formation of the individual and the building of God’s kingdom in the midst of man was his focus. He attached much importance to the neighbourhood concept for he saw in this the nurturing of small Christian communities. He adopted ASIPA in anchoring each neighbourhood in Christian principles of living and sharing. The family was yet another institution in which he saw the scope to strengthen the foundations of the Church. The bi-monthly family mass was his idea.

Fr. Paul Yeo was posted in on 15 January when Fr. Fenelon left and continued developing the Neighbourhood concept. In the space of a few months, he visited 16 of the 19 Neighbourhoods and celebrated mass in most of them. Fr. Paul Yeo’s forte was in preaching the Word. In 2000, he organized a parish retreat which was entitled KAIROS, attended by 500.

Meanwhile, Fr. Anthony presented his proposed plan of action at a parish assembly. Among his priorities was to ensure the continuing formation of the older youth. He introduced post- secondary catechism classes and took personal.

Another of his concerns was what he referred as the ‘new poor’, which included the migrant worker, the elderly and the lonely, as opposed to the “old poor’ whose main need was material assistance. It was commonly known that he made personal arrangements for at least two elderly parishioners, preparing a meal and sharing it with them in their own homes. When a parishioner bequeathed his home in Seletar Hills to the parish, Fr. Anthony’s intention was to develop into a sort of meeting place for the elderly and lonely, where they could drop by for a coffee or even a meal, and spend time with others in similar circumstances. This was realized in 2002, when a group, going by the name of the Servants of the Lord, took over the home and did just what Fr. Anthony had envisaged.

As he witnessed the growing parish, he projected its future. He commissioned some Catholic professional social workers to undertake a sociological survey of the area within the parish boundaries. Based on their findings, he organized the various parish organizations into a coordinated structure so that they all moved in unison towards common parish goals. There were then 30 parish organizations and 19 Neighbourhood groups which tended to function independently. He brought them all under the supervision of the Parish Pastoral Council. He infused pomp and ceremony into major parish events. Liturgy was given added prominence. Choirs were increased to five in number, so that there was a separate one for each Sunday service but a combined one for special events and celebrations. He gave special attention to the altar servers. He revamped the organization. He subjected the servers to a code of conduct, monitored them and cultivated a sense of pride in belonging. To sustain their interest, he introduced a soccer competition among them, donating a trophy himself.

He placed importance on the position of Neighbourhood leaders, preparing them in the event of a shortage of priests. He was of the view that they could take over the role of leading their communities in prayer, bolstering unity within their groups and providing for the spiritual development of the young.

The Parish had grown from a few hundred to 2000 in 1995 and to 3900 by 2002. It extended over a much larger area, making it responsible for the lives of many more. The peoples’ needs were changing all the time. The church building, as it stood, was not likely to be able to accommodate more activities and functions. Already, containers had to be hired to alleviate the shortage of space for Catechism classes. Courageously, he initiated a major upgrading exercise in 1995. Plans included the construction of a new block, with additional function rooms, storage space, priests’ quarters, an administration office and a multi-storey car park. Provision was also made to enhance the interior appearance of the place of worship, for improvements to the washrooms, a lift to take the old and disabled to the top floor and easier access, generally, for the others. The cost was estimated at five million dollars. By 2002, Fr. Anthony’s vision was realized.

Further Physical And Spiritual Progress: 1990 - 2002

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