Past Events

An Archive of Previous Events

The later half of 2022 saw us coming out of the pandemic and events being held in person, gradually doing away with restrictions we faced over the previous two years.

Migrants Event

Abundant & Better Life Abroad

A values and faith formation programme to help migrants understand about valuing self, others, work and our community.

Feast Day 2022

In this year’s Feast Day celebrations in honour of our patron saint, we dedicated a Week of Worship themed “I am the bread of life”.

Feast Day Lunch 2022

Celebration buffet lunch for our annual Feast Day festivities held at Fr Saussard’s Cafe with tickets at only $40 per person.

Metanoia Silent Retreat

Metanoia means to change your mind. In meditation, the work is to take the attention off ourselves and be transformed.

Family Advent Blessings

Family Advent Blessings

Families came together to make Advent extra special with their own personalized family advent wreath.

Saints helping us today

Saints Helping Us Today

A rousing series on how the age-old wisdom and teachings of the Saints can be of practical help to us today.

Feast Of St Vincent de Paul 2021

Feast Of St Vincent de Paul 2021

Online recollection to celebrate Feast Day (23-26 September 2021)

Feast of St Vincent de Paul – Feast Day Flowers

Feast Day Flowers

Commemorating the Feast Day with  bouquets in honour of our patron saint.

St. Joseph Men’s Session

St. Joseph Men’s Session

Family Life Ministry of the St. Vincent de Paul organised a special event for men.

The GIFT - a Life in the Spirit Event

the GIFT – A life in the Spirit

A six-part series to help encounter the Holy Spirit including the Bible’s teachings and reflections. 

The Bible Timeline 2022

24-week course covering the story of salvation in the Bible – a fascinating study that takes attendees on a journey.

Motivate your child for success

Five tips to easily motivate children to success recognising their uniqueness and individuality.

Christian Unity

Prayer for Christian Unity 2022

An invitation to all Christians
From 19 – 24 January 2022

CaFe Feb 2022 Event

Believe – Reflections on the Creed

Feb 9, 16, 23; Mar 9, 16, 23
Via Zoom

Seminar on Catholic Social Mission & Teachings

Social Mission & Teachings

In celebration of World Day of the Poor 2021

The Joy of Hope

The Joy of Hope

Inspirational course on how to live joyfully in the hope of eternal life

Virtual Week of Guided Prayer 2021

Week of Guided Prayer 2021

A one-week online mini retreat offering guidance on how to pray with scripture

CaFE – Strength to Strength

CaFE – Strength to Strength

Practical Benefits to Daily Prayer – video, discussion and testimonies

As It Was In The Beginning A special series of talks and Q&A for Parents with teens

As It Was In The Beginning

A special series of talks and Q&A for Parents with teens

The Bible Timeline 2021

The Bible Timeline 2021

A fascinating study and journey through the bible

Knowing God Even Better

Knowing God Even Better

A five-talk series by Catholic Faith Exploration

Parish Advent Encounter 2020

Parish Advent Encounter 2020

Marking the World Day of the Poor with FINs

Secret to being parents that every Catholic child needs

Secret to being Catholic parents

A useful talk sharing secrets of Catholic parenthood

Understanding Same Sex Attraction

 Same Sex Attraction

Parental and pastoral guidance on the subject

SVDP Feast Day 2020