Past Events

Feast Of St Vincent de Paul 2021


Join us for this online recollection to celebrate our Parish Feast Day!

Day 1 – Spiritual Talks: 23 September 2021, 8PM – 10PM
Day 2 – Guided Refelection: 24 September 2021, 8PM – 10PM
Day 3 – Feast Day Mass: 26 September 2021, 11AM (Live-Streamed)


Feast of St Vincent de Paul –
Feast Day Flowers

Commemorate this year’s Feast Day with speical boquet in honour of our patron saint.


St. Joseph Men’s Session –
“Yes! I can be the Man God desires me to be.”

In line with the Year of St Joseph, the Family Life Ministry of the Parish of St. Vincent de Paul is organizing a special event for MEN – fathers, grandfathers, husbands, sons and brothers.
“Yes! I can be the Man God desires me to be.”


The Joy of Hope

How to live joyfully in the hope of eternal life.
4 inspirational session courses:

– Be Not Afraid,
– The Best Is Yet To Come,
– Heaven On Earth, and
– River of Life


Virtual Week of Guided Prayer 2021

CaFE – Strength to Strength

As It Was In The Beginning

A special series of talks and Q&A for Parents with teens

The Bible Timeline 2021

Catholic Faith Exploration – Knowing God Even Better

Parish Advent Encounter 2020

SVDP Feast Day 2020


“The Secret to being parents that every Catholic child needs”

The Family Life and Youth Ministries of the Parish of St Vincent de Paul are pleased to present another Parents session. This session is opened to all parents. 

We are blessed with two very engaging speakers, namely, Fr Gerard Louis (CSsR) and Nicholas Gabriel Lim.

They will each share with us how we can be that special parent that we always wanted to be to our children but did not know how. Come and be enriched with the secrets of Catholic parenthood.

Understanding Same Sex Attraction

Providing friendship, Parental or Pastoral Guidance

SVDP Feast Day Novena 2019

SVDP’s Feast Day Novena – 18th to 29th of September.
We dive into the wealth of wisdom found in the Beatitudes, as a road map for us on our journey towards Holiness.

Click on the button below for the Novena Feast Day Reflections:
SVDP Novena Feast Day Reflections

Parish Day of Corporal Works of Mercy

Those who really wish to give glory to God by their lives, who truly long to grow in holiness, are called to be single-minded and tenacious in their practice of the works of mercy. (GE #107)
A day for us to reach out and get personally involved by giving and sharing our blessings, gifts & talents from God with “the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick and those in prison.”

Join any of these activities:
1) Intercessory Prayers in SVDP
2) Bring cheer to Ju Eng home senior residents
3) Gear up for a Day of Fun with children from Jamiyah Children’s Home
4) Take our retired priests and nuns to Gardens by the Bay!
Save the date! More information on program details on the poster!

Don’t miss this opportunity to extend mercy to the least of our brothers! Our Lord promises us that we will encounter Him in them as He says, “In so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine,
you did it to me” -Matthew 25:40

Prayer for Exams

Upcoming exams stressing you out? Worried and overwhelmed by your work load? Looking for a way to de-stress?
Calling all students and their families! Come down this Friday, 13 Sep at 8pm-10pm, room 04-02, for a prayer session with your family!
This session, run by the Living Waters Youth ministry, will help bring your family together by bonding you through prayer and fellowship, including Praise and worship!
Attend together with friends too!! If you know a friend who needs this, encourage him or her to come and receive the peace and consolation of our Lord ❤️❤️

Parents Seminar

Having trouble communicating and connecting with your teenager?
Feel like you are walking on eggshells around them?
What is Christian parenting all about?

Registered Youth Psychologist, Nicholas Gabriel Lim, will be sharing with parents key insights into the minds of teenagers and young people,
from the challenges and influences they face in the digital age,
as well as the psychological nature and development unique to teenagers.

Come and hear a personal sharing on Christian Parenting
by Edwyn and Karen De Souza members of the
ICPE (Institute For World Evangelisation) community.
Come and learn practical ways on how you can better understand and
connect with your child and enjoy a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Introduction to Christian Meditation

Do you struggle with prayer? Frustrated with the lack of time or distractions getting in the way?
Strengthen, deepen, and encourage your prayer life with Christian Meditation. These 4 one-hourly sessions conducted by the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) teach meditation as a profound spiritual practice to find the center of our being and experience God as the great I AM. Amidst all the noise, distraction and busyness of our daily lives, we are in urgent need to be rooted in the centre of our being where the Spirit of God dwells.

“Values make Vices uncomfortable”

SVDP’s family life ministry will be conducting its very first enrichment sessions for our parish. These 4 sessions touch on the four basic values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Faith and Love and how to inculcate them within the family.
We will get a better understanding of these values based on scripture, testimonies, sharing in small groups and other engaging activities that you will enjoy.
The sessions are open to all parents, young and old, singles, those who are planning to get married and start a family. All are welcome!

Life in the Spirit Seminar 2019

Experience the love of the Father, receive the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and live life in the Holy Spirit as a disciple of Jesus.
Feeling spiritually dry? Thirsting for more meaning
in life? Need some refreshing?
The Spirit is calling out to YOU… “COME!”

Week Of Guided Prayer

Listen to the Lord as He speaks to us through Scripture. Learn how to pray using Scripture with the help of a Prayer Guide.
Conducted by Sojourners’ Companions, the programme consists of a training on 21st July afternoon, half-hour prayer at home & half hour with Prayer Guide at our parish on Monday to Friday (anytime from 9am-10pm) and closing on 28th July.

-Update- Preview session available for those interested! To give you a preview of what the Week of Guided Prayer is all about, and to answer any question you may have, Sojourners’ Companions will conduct a talk on26th June (Wednesday) from 8-10pm (Room 03-02).They will explain the 2 methods to pray with scripture: Lectio Divina and Ignatian Contemplation.

Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is traditionally celebrated with a grand procession.
This year on June 23, the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul decided to conduct the procession for the first time around the church compound as there was a desire between the priests to bring this tradition back.
Said Father John Joseph Fenelon, Assistant Parish Priest, “Public reverence and homage to the Body and Blood of Christ is a form of evangelisation” and an evangelistic spirit is what we are actively trying to inculcate within our parish.
The procession helped parishioners, who thronged the compound, to meditate on the gift of the Eucharist and the real presence of the Christ in the Blessed sacrament.
They were also able to reflect on whether they truly believe Jesus to be present in the Consecrated Host.

Video & Photos

Eucharistic Talk

Praise God for the large turnout we had for the Eucharistic talk on Wednesday, 5th of June!

Father JJ delved deeply into the celebration of the Eucharist, with attendees of the talk coming away with a deeper appreciation of the Mass. From understanding the differences between Solemnities, Feasts and Memorials, to the different prayers spoken during the Mass, the Eucharistic talk helped enlighten many to understand basic yet profound questions like, “Why do Catholics go for mass?”

Disciples Assemble! (A night for young people)

The Youth of SVDP gathered as ONE at our first “Disciples Assemble” event for a time of Praise and Worship, spiritual input by Father JJ and Eucharistic Adoration. It was a truly blessed night with our youth proclaiming their desire to claim the intimate love that Jesus lavishes on us, to see him knocking at the door of our hearts, eager to simply sit and dine with us.

Disciples Assemble will be held next on: Date: 17th August Time: 7pm- 10pm Venue: Church or St. Vincent de Paul (Room 03-02) ALL YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS ARE WELCOME! Let us continue together, drawing strength from one another, to grow in holiness and to live a life a joy and peace promised to us by our heavenly Father!

Parish Day of Recollection

We gathered as a Parish family on the 1st of May to reflect upon these questions together with the team from the Institute of World Evangelisation. Here, speakers shared with us down-to-earth and practical ways we can live out our unique and personal call to holiness.

Parishioners who attended were privy to many testimonies and sharings that touched upon the Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation, “Gaudete Et Exsultate” (Call to Holiness). Many were moved and edified to live out their unique call to holiness in their own little ways! Photos/Videos