Private Prayer FAQs

To nurture a vibrant, progressive and spirit-filled parish family, committed to the call of the Gospel.

Q1. My siblings and I live separately. Can I pray together with my siblings at the place of worship?

– No. Worshippers may only pray in-person individually or together if they are members of the same household.

– Members of the same household refer to the people who live in the same residence as you and not family members who do not stay at the same address as you.

Q2. Can I ask religious workers to conduct religious rites (e.g. baptism, communion) as part of private worship?

– No. Private worship refers only to prayers and other forms of worship that are performed by an individual worshipper alone or with his/her household group.

– Religious workers are not allowed to conduct religious rites and ceremonies in the place of worship except for marriage solemnizations and funeral-related activities.

Q3. Are religious workers allowed to provide in-person religious counselling?

– No. You should arrange for a virtual or a tele-consultation.

– If you or someone you know needs emotional or psychological support, you can also call the National CARE hotline at 1800-202-6868.

Q4. Must I wear a face mask while praying at the place of worship?

– Yes, all worshippers entering places of worship must wear their masks at all times.

Q5. Why must I make an appointment? Why can’t I simply walk-in like I used to before?

– MCCY regulations state that there can only be 5 individuals or 5 families (of up to 5 members) within the Church at any one time and that there should be no queues formed at the entrance.

– Hence, in order to stay within the government’s regulations, it is necessary to make an appointment before visiting the Church for Private Prayer.

Q6. Why is there a limit of 20 minutes for Private Prayer?

– This is to allow more parishioners to visit the Church for Private Prayer especially during this difficult time.

Q7. Why is each person/family limited to ONE VISIT per week?

– This would give more parishioners the opportunity to visit the Church for Private Prayer. We ask for your consideration during this difficult time.