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Fr. Moses Tay Rev. Fr. Eugene Vaz Fr. John Lau Rev. Fr. Eugene Vaz

Fr. Moses Tay took over as Parish Priest in 1976 and remained so till 1983. He sought to inject into the lives of parishioners a stronger sense of devotion. Holy Hour on the first Friday of each month became a regular feature. An appeal for donation brought in sufficient funds to give the church building its first coat of paint since it was built. His health always troubled him but he kept the parish going and as active as ever. Alone and unaided, he managed the fort and saw to its further growth and consolidation.

On 15 June 1983, Fr. Eugene Vaz replaced him, assisted by Fr. Albert Brys but four months later, the latter was transferred and was replaced by Fr. John Lau. The physical upgrading of the building was undertaken and sustained right up to 1985. The altar area took on a new look, more rooms with air-conditioning were opened up around the basement to alleviate the space constraints, promote activities and add new ones.

The number of Lectors was increased and for the first time ladies took to the microphone. There did no seem to be any shortage of wardens. The youth were organized into the St. Vincent’s Youth group and catechism classes were reorganized. Observing scope for the promotion of fellowship through the cateen, Fr. Eugene Vaz raised the status of canteen operations. An Altar Servers Society was formed, with Fr. John Lau in charge. A constitution was drafted in June 1985, followed by a meeting with parents of altar servers, to explain the re-structuring and gain their support.

Liturgical music accompaniment became a more prominent feature of the mass. Besides the adult choir which had its origin in Jalan Kayu, there was a youth choir. On 29 April 1984, a Senior Parishioners Circle was formed to cater to older parishioners. In July 1985, the Circle gathered the migrant population from the Philippines and organized them into a formal group.

Next Father Eugene Vaz turned his attention to building a strong parish community. He put in place structures for institutionalizing parish unity. They took the form of dividing the parish into zones; each zone was headed by a leader, who arranged meetings and inter-zone activity. On 10 July 1985 the Parish Pastoral Council was established. It paved the way for the greater involvement of parishioners in the management of the parish. In December 1985, the first Parish Renewal Experience was conducted. It was aimed at cultivating the proper appreciation of one’s position and role in a Christian community.

Fr. Eugene Vaz took his leave, enroute to the Vatican to pursue studies. Fr. Ambrose Vaz succeeded him but was not to remain long, as he set sail for the Vatican for the same reason as Fr. Eugene Vaz. In the short while that he was Parish Priest, he strengthened further the spiritual foundations, as well as parish structures.

Foundations Further Strengthened: 1976 - 1989

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Feast Day Novena 2018 - The Joy of Love in the Family
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